Who I am, 1/28/19

I am a 25 year old man who has next to no college education, no history of writing or enjoying deep literature so my grammar and well everything will be skin and bones only the real nitty gritty experiences as they are, no fluff, just the way I see it. I recently became unemployed due to feeling unfulfilled in what I was pursuing with my life at a dead end job. overwhelmed with a sense of lack of purpose I now am looking to set out on a mission to find not only my self and the meaning for my life but to fulfill the plan and road that God has set out for me. Being called to blindly mission into the world with practically no plan is interesting that is for sure, to fathom leaving the comfort of my own home, the love of my friends and family and embark into cultures that I don’t speak the language of or even understand remotely. The only common ground will be those who speak some English the few words that I will know in the languages that will be general but aid me In getting from one place to another. But the true guide will be our Lord and Savior who will be walking with me and protecting me in this journey. I was affirmed of this at church the following Sunday where the entire sermon was regarding setting out on missions and pursuing that which god calls us to through the teachings of Moses and the Hebrews dealing with the Egyptians oppression and breaking free with nothing but god beside them. This helped me to see my calling which I believe is to blindly follow wherever I am called. We will see how this goes. First place called to is Japan.

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