Curveball where to go now?… 1-29-19

So slight change of plan unforeseen circumstances that is now blocking me from being able to go to Japan until June, which is a let down especially since it is the place I felt drawn to the most right now but its all apart of a bigger plan I suppose. Soooo, the question is where to now? Europe, South America, Asia. What would be the most rich experience for me to embark on, id love some feedback regarding this from any of my viewers with ideas or things that you would recommend, I’m open to anything in the world. I am kinda thinking across Europe would be entertaining, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Greece maybe even Italy. The options are there, everything is in my favor so what should I see. tough indeed. Europe offers a rich culture at a steeper price compared too much of the rest of the world, the experience is great. the spiritual surroundings are incredible with the history of the church throughout the land. Tough decision. Different set of planning all together, what to bring, where to stay, who to contact. Who to contact? take that back I know practically nobody in Europe, close to nobody.

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