It’s Decided!

So after talking to a few people and getting ideas I have now a plane ticket and a euorail pass for a month. I will be departing Feb. 13th for 3 weeks in Europe! I have never been so this is very exciting for me, I have no idea what to do while I’m there but I have chose a few cities I absolutely want to visit. I’ll be landing in London since it is the cheapest air fair. I will be spending a couple days in London where then I will be traveling to Amsterdam and then Berlin following Prague and Munich and ending in Italy in Florence then Rome! I can’t wait to see these beautiful countries and all the people in them. The culture is so rich the architecture is so gorgeous and its breathing history all around you. I have pretty high expectations and am concerned for the prices but since Ill be traveling alone I don’t need the best accommodations and as well using Couchsurfing it will be cool to meet some new people. the itinerary and countries is 100% flexible so I have nothing holding me back from traveling to other countries just that I have to be in Rome on February 5th which isn’t a bad deadline for being able to do whatever I want across Europe. Ive already began packing and getting supplies I need, researching monuments and other activities. My main source of aN itinerary is coming from recommendations so if there’s any must sees you have to share! I’ll be directly thanking you for any incredible experience I have across Europe. Being a new blog I have to find most of these recommendations from family and friends but thats fine I can still share with you! This is completely out of my comfort zone, greatest fears are planes and being places with no idea of what’s going on. Great place for me to go if you ask me. But thats what the adventure is for. Chat soon, don’t be held back by anything!

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