Mountains gone wrong but so so right at the same time!

Today last minute I decided to reach out to 3 friends of mine Jamie, Grant and Rafeal to go on a little adventure of a day trip up to big bear lake to be baptized as an adult. Even after seeing the storm advisory for the mountains I still wanted to set out! It was raining throughout the area and we started driving up towards big bear at an incredibly slow pace, to be expected with how strong the rain was. Along the way we jammed out to 90’s pop punk and conversed about all types of random things and just had a grand time. Once we reached the halfway point on the mountain we started seeing patches of white spots and it continued to grow and the snow started falling. By the time of the must have chain advisory we were in a white out blizzard in my little Mazda CX-5 thankfully it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle so we did not have to attach my chains which would of absolutely been a nightmare in the weather. We finally made it to big bear, somehow. Upon arriving we ended up in teddy bear cafe and enjoyed a incredible lunch that tasted so much better knowing we tempted fate in the weather! We each got our favorite breakfast for lunch besides Rafeal who wished to have a burger and eat it with a fork and knife… Brazilians!

After lunch we drove around and checked out some local shops, bought some trinkets and just messed around, we went down to the lake to try to find a place to baptize me, when getting down to the “water” we realized the entire lake was frozen over, so needless to say the option sadly would not work out! We threw some snowballs around and hung out a bit which was great and took some funny pictures in the snow. Without and gloves beanie or real jacket our time outside was quickly coming to a end as it was getting dark it was dropping temp and getting worse and worse weather conditions. We later ended up at this coffee tea exchange where we wanted to try some of the local brews. While there threw down some chess and such learning a couple new card games which were incredible and somehow got into it for 4 hours straight so it was super late at this point and we had no idea what to do as far as getting home so the day trip turned into a over night trip scrambling for a hotel we found one, overpriced and lied about the bed situation but better then being dead over the side of a cliff! So we ended up hanging out and heading to a Indian restaurant which was actually incredible. Upon arriving at our hotel we payed some cards had some laughs.

Finally exhausted we turned In for a night of rest in our odd sleeping arrangements. 1 on the floor 2 in the bed and one on the couch which supposedly pulled out and slept two, tisk tisk hotel. Successfully weird day. Wonder what’s in store for tomorrow!

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