2 days before leaving.

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. As the trip is approaching faster than I anticipated so is the anxiety around it growing never have I done something like this before alone. It’s quite a mystery how it just came up in my mind but oh well gotta role with this new found liquid ideology I have found trying to go with the flow and not pay too much mind to things that don’t matter. I’m extremely excited for every play I decided to go to, and am open to anything that may happen, wishing I meat other solo travelers doing the same route, unlikely but would be incredible to meet some new friends and create life long memories with them. My packing list was kinda wonky and will be at the end since I took stuff from others and then made my own, weird things we find as necessities make their way into the bag and take up space that shouldn’t be there. All together I tried 3 different bags. 1 too massive 1 too small and one that was kinda right I suppose. Ended up with the 55L fairmont my osprey. The backpack that unzips off for a daypack is incredibly handy and the backpack straps zip away so they don’t get damaged by the airlines. Very useful and comfortable if I do any long walks since its a full suspension system with it. adding in my city by city must see. Specific museums have caught my eye not just because they are very affordable if not free which is great. And the lack of knowing a lot of the languages spoken is exciting. I love being immersed in other cultures from what I have done, just need to defeat any anxiety on the trip. I believe I will be pretty distracted, need to not be a shut in! Day tours will be key in trying to discover new things. Can’t wait to write about everything I see and show you the awesome experiences I have. Keep praying for me!

6 underwear

6 socks

4 shirts

2 button ups

1 polo

Rain jacket


Down vest

1 shorts



Charging accessories



Cable lock.


Neck donut



1 guide book with half of it torn out

Passport carrier

Shower sandals

Pcking cubes


1 pir of comfy all weather shows.

Quick dry towel

Playing cards

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