LAX->London Heathrow

Arrived 3 hours ahead after getting out the door late due to transportation issues. What’s new, light rain in LA waiting in the terminal. Security was surprisingly incredibly fast. Pretty much just walked through, not sure if that’s because I chose the slowest travel day of the week or not. Decided to have my last American sandwich from jersey mikes before departing, basic as usual but that’s what America offers I suppose. Options were that or Pick Up Stix which is left out Chinese food under a hot plate. No thanks when I looked at it I just imagined things crawling on it like a summer hot plate with flies, cringe for sure. Stopped at a little book store picked up a new thing to read, the stowaway, in the first chapter it’s pretty decent so far will help me survive the 11 hour flight to London. The angst is definitely building but I’ve found slight salvation in stretching on the floor of the terminal like a weirdo and listening to classical music to mellow my nerves. And apparently writing this as I sit. Everyone boarding the same flight as me appears to be nice, hopefully I sit next to a outgoing person that u can befriend over a businessman glued to his laptop or documents. I’ve never flown virgin Atlantic, I’m sure it is high quality with good pilots, that’s what matters most. I’ll take a cranky mean flight attendant any day if she’s accompanied by 2 great pilots. I talk to you all when I land. Don’t be static all.

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