First day in London, Boom!

So what an incredibly insane first day this was from the flight to getting situated to the weird nightlife I discovered and walked through. My flight, I cannot tell you how terrifying this flight was, I have never before experienced turbulence of this magnitude for as long as it lasted. We were rocking dropping shaking, wouldn’t be complete without people screaming and babies crying what an experience, amazingly I was mellow through this without the aid of my flying happy pills (Xanax) but I sat there stoic. I was surrounded by a bunch of terrified people which probably assisted me in being ”the tough guy” which is a proven scientific fact as you may know. We finally landed in London Heathrow safely. Everyone was happy to be alive me included and I carried on my way through customs laughing it up with the guy talking about hangover cures such as ”just go to the pub and knock out” he claimed was the only true way to handle it. But I made my way to the heathrow express where I then moved on to the city of London.

When I got into Heathrow I made my way to the tube and picked up a Oyster card for the yellow line looking to jump off at Victoria for my hotel. Along the train ride I enjoyed people watching as I saw the locals coming on and off on their way to work and such, everyone looked at me in an odd manor that I couldn’t put my finger on but I just laughed about it staring at the marketing signs on the walls stating that on the tube it’s better to stare at your phone then speak to the person next to you. Finally made it to my stop where I went off walking a little ways to my place I was going to be staying. Had to pick up my keys from the hotel across the street of mine which practically made me almost cancel my reservation, the hotel was possibly the craziest stuff I’ve seen in a place which I couldn’t even use words to describe however once I got into my room across the way I was pleasantly surprised by the difference from one side to the other. In awe of how this could be the same management I passed out like a rock from the flight of doom and having not slept in ages. When I woke up from my planned 3 hour nap and reality 8 hour nap it was already night about 7pm I went on my way with a plan to get something to eat, particularly with one place in mind which had been recommended by the every British person I’ve come in contact with which was Nandos, this was basically just a chain chicken house but hey thought I’d give it a go, surprisingly really good. And they actually know how to rate spicy food!

Like I love spicy food but WOW! The actually “HOT” hotel is hot let me tell you jeez! I enjoyed every bite in agony but it was good! So much seasoning and flavor bursting and the chicken was so delicious and perfectly cooked. The lady who took my order even stopped by to chat since while ordering I was blank at her thick accent, didn’t know English could sound so foreign to me but we chatted it up and had some laughs. After finishing up here I jumped in a crappy and went on a short tour around Westminster crossing the bridge catching an eye of the London skyline and the eye which is the large Ferris wheel everyone knows in London that I refuse to set foot on. I ended up making my way to trafalgar square which was just incredible. I was blown away by the architecture and the beautiful statues,

This was just incredible. So blown away by it all, the fact I was in this place standing here. I wish I had more history on what I was looking at but still just wonderful. So I set out after this to see the night life a little and see a pub which led me on to this little place on Warwick way, interesting joint kinda what you imagine of a English pub but I knew there was more now and just had to have a English lager at a English pub. Couldn’t refuse the memory got a actually very good beer and enjoyed every sip but that’s all I could handle was one. with it being 11pm and getting later I set out. I was chatting with this nice Czech girl who recommended I go to soho, not knowing anything I was eager and happy so I got on going to this place she explained as the night life of London. Wow what I found was something. This was the one nightlife you do not want to be apart of if your a straight man. She sent me to the gay scene of London,

It was almost the China town of London. Every corner someone trying to sell you on going to the strip clubs or get a special massage. Bars and clubs littered everywhere sex shops on every street what a weird place. Being out of place I strolled around looking like a lake in the desert. Just clear as day I don’t belong but had some fun met some interesting people chatted with them having to refuse going into every establishment. This was something one of the nightclubs was smoking from the side of the building went up to tell a bouncer and was told ”this so private party” in a thick Russian accent. That’s something apparently it is quite a place and many famous people go there I guess called the red box but I explained to him that hey your building looks on fire just a heads up and went on my way. Could of just been some people smoking a lot and be the vent who knows but just to do my best. I made it back to my hotel around 3am where I was not tired at all and just blown away by everything I experienced. What a day. Man I’m happy I came here. So many hiccups then I could even understand but it was worth every one to see what I’ve seen! And it’s only day 1!

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