London Day 2,

This day was quite possibly one of the better days of my entire life, from start to an incredible ending. Today I woke up early 7am for a relaxing morning before heading out to see the Westminster Abbey, I started with a light breakfast and set out. Arriving I was the first person in line for the abbey waiting for it to open at 9:30am. I sat in front looking at how spectacular this is in awe.

It was so early the deliver trucks were still in front preparing for the day. As I watched the sun rising over the building I was even more amazed knowing the stained glass windows would have morning light breaching through lighting up the entire church. Like most attractions there is a small fee, 22 pounds is the cost for a tour with a phone that has a guide for the entire building. Which I would of payed twice over. Wait I did, when purchasing your tickets before hand they do not take E tickets!! Only hard copy tickets! Keep this in mind. I was not prepared and had to buy a new one. Oh well. Incredibly worth it. There’s no photography allowed in doors so I can’t show you how just spectacular it really is. But the architecture was purely beautiful and astounding, every small detail was taken into consideration. Every room became more and more beautiful. You must get here at opening, it was empty. I was the first person into every room. Get there 30 minutes early it’s worth it. At the end I found this room people kept walking by, it was completely empty and echoed. Very very neat.!

After this I went to harads which is the fanciest department store I have ever seen. Everything here costs a fortune, everyone says you have to see it. To be frank I could have passed it wasn’t that special and being from America it’s basically a glorified Bloomingdales, over the top.

I killed some time walking around waiting for my 1pm guided tour of the Tower of London and St. Paul church. When getting to the tour there were protests throughout the city about global warming and pollution which was dead stopped traffic. This was frustrating and making me sit there so I headed out on foot to get there in time made it at 1:01 by the grace of god so I didn’t lose out on this tour. This was with Evans & Evans tours and was highly professional from first impressions. Our guide was a blue licensed tour guide and appeared highly knowledgeable. While heading done the road he knew everything about every building. We arrived at the Cathedral, wow spectacular.

The inside was mind bending on how it was constructed. Every detail was incredible. The hidden facts about the cathedral that aren’t taught in standard tours. Everything was incredible. My tour guide was incredible. My group was incredible. Just wow. After this me moved on to the London Tower. Upon arriving it was pretty interesting to think about what this was and the altered changes to tourists over the original.

In here we got to see many things, where people were tortured how they were tortured the stories of Nicholas Owen and what an incredible man he was. The sad stories of the beheadings and the traitor hate and how all the gates in the castle worked. The real special treat past the sad grim history of this place is the Crown Jewels. This was incredible. Every piece in there was mind bending diamonds the side of golf balls. Tons of golf. Jewels and gemmed swords. Beautiful. The guard out front stayed ever vigilant and ready for anything.

We finished up here and this was the end of our group tour. I met a new friend while on it named Jan he was from Beijing originally from Taiwan what a nice great guy and as we were leaving introduced ourselves to another person whom was on the tour alone Tatiana who was from Russia. At this point we have the 3 super powers talking to each other and headed off for the boat tour to catch some new sites from a different perspective. On this we laughed and joked about how London’s new buildings are very unattractive in comparison to their historical ones looking at parliament and the Eye. Sadly Big Ben is covered right now and will be until 2021 all that could be seen was the clock. No tower. Sad indeed. But tower bridge made up for it! This finished up we continued to talk and decided to get dinner with each other and have a couple drinks. We went off wandering having no idea where we were, 3 miles later and a lot of sites and jokes we arrived at the Angus Steakhouse, which to be frank was a knock off American steakhouse that was merged with an American diner by looks, not expecting the steak to be much I was very pleasantly surprised.

This place had the worst selection of drinks imaginable. Bud light or Stella? We are in London come on. Quality of the steak made up for it though!

This night would not have been as incredible if it wasn’t for meeting these great people. So kind and funny and just all around great people! We finished up and set out to find a pub to continue chit chatting. By some crazy way we ended up back in soho just walking down the streets! The one place I’d never want to return to. While here we had some good drinks and laughs and were entertained. Went to the restroom and walked in on two men involved with one another. That was odd, backed out of there quick like.

We were just about finishing up the evening walking Tatiana back to her hotel and Jan and I were waiting for our rides. What an incredible evening. We got yelled at, a man tried spitting on us. We laughed at everything, and still incredible! 2 new lifelong friends I hope to see again while traveling to Moscow or Beijing. Till tomorrow! Keep moving forward!

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